Dips reinvented! New product to try out!

Dips reinvented! New product to try out!

If you haven't had the chance to try the fabulous Arctic Gardens Spinach Dip at a party with friends, you MUST add this item to your grocery list for your next reception. It's so easy and tasty as an appetizer, as a side dish or simply as a condiment. I served it a few days ago at my son's party and it was a big hit!  


The beauty of this dip is that it's frozen in portions and it's microwave ready in 5 minutes. This format allows you to prepare the ideal amount depending on the number of guests or the type of food. It goes well with fresh vegetables, grilled pita and crackers. You can also use it as a spread on burgers or bagels and also to garnish your lasagna or your favorite omelet. 


I forgot to mention something very important. What are the first ingredients? 

1- Spinach 

2- Artichokes 

3- Water 

4- Cream 

Real ingredients for a real taste, all portionable in frozen cubes of 20g each. 


I'm not surprised that this product won the "New Product" award in 2018 at the Dux Gala, which recognizes the best food initiatives. Congratulations for this wonderful creation, so versatile!  


Newly arrived in store are two new Arctic Gardens dips now available in Red Pepper and Southwest flavors.