NEW! Arctic Gardens Veg-e Protein blends

NEW! Arctic Gardens Veg-e Protein blends

Veg-e Protein blends from Arctic Gardens are awesome for a number of reasons. They have tremendous nutritional value as they contain locally grown vegetables and succulent legumes. I was already familiar with their full line of frozen vegetables but they outdid themselves with their Veg-e Protein blends. They are rich in natural protein and offer a healthy alternative for those who are looking for healthy meatless solutions.

Offered in a reclosable pouch that goes straight in the microwave, Veg-e Protein is practical, easy-to-prepare and fresh tasting just like homemade.

My favorite mix is Quinoa. It can be consumed as a main meal or side dish, but in my opinion, it’s amazing as a “poke bowl” with beets to multiply the health benefits.

Hurry to your local grocery store and pick it up in the frozen vegetables section. Bon appétit!

Denise Hobbs